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Wavesfactory Spectre for MacOS v1.5.6 Latest Version

Wavesfactory Spectre for MacOS Latest Version APK is an audio shaping tool that combines the best features of an amplifier paired with a graphic parametric equalizer. Specter handles the difference between the input signal and the equalizer signal, providing harmonic content only in the desired part of the spectrum from a variety of saturation algorithms based on classic recording hardware. Specter can be used on single tracks, sub-mixes, and the entire mix and is ideal for mastering.

Wavesfactory Spectre for MacOS Latest Version APK does not work like a traditional equalizer. The Specter delivers harmonic content that wasn’t present in the original recording, bringing color and life to audio not possible with traditional EQ, and this ability to deliver near ghostly content across the entire audio spectrum has led to the name Spectrum. Specter processes the incoming audio with a five-band parallel equalizer, extracts the difference between this signal and the dry input and processes it through one of the eight built-in saturation algorithms, then mixes it with the dry signal. The result is a signal with character, full of colour, with larger and warmer low frequencies, shimmering highs and powerful mids that no other processor can provide you with.


  • 8 Saturation Algorithms
  • Mono and Stereo signals.
  • Left or Right channels only.
  • Mid / Side channels only.
  • 4x and 16x oversampling

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