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Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 v3.3.3 Latest Version

In addition to a massive library of raw sound materials, Superior Drummer 3 presents a unique design *, a rationalized workflow and countless features for a powerful drum production on your computer. With Superior Drummer 3, you have control and creative power beyond the imaginable. Welcome to the future.

Upper mixer 3.
The ultimate framework for the percussive sound design, including a complete collection of drums, integrated mixing effects, an audio conversion at noon and much more. Welcome to the future of drum production.

A creative playground where no rule applies.
The idea with Superior Drummer 3 is to allow you to enter a virtual studio with the best possible raw material and mix the options at your disposal to create battery sounds in an environment where only your imagination sets the limits. By combining the creative power of sounds, atmospheres and the vast set of features, Superior Drummer 3 is more than a simple drum sampler – it is a well -free creativity well. It fills the gap between acoustics and electronics and allows you to venture into completely new sound landscapes. This is the final tool for percussive sound design.

The Sound Sound Library of the Drummer 3 Superior was recorded by the award -winning engineer George Massenburg in probably the calmest and most ideal location in the world for sampling, the Galaxy Studios in Belgium. The library has more than 230 GB of raw sound material captured in detail. In addition to the nearby microphones and several ambient positions, the Superior Drummer 3 configuration also includes eleven piece microphones configured in a surrounding configuration, for use in anything, from stereo to 5.1, 9.1 and up to 11.1 systems. In combination with the large selection of additional instruments added for stacking and sound design, the sounds of Superior Drummer 3 give you an incomparable palette of options to create tambs beyond your most imagination crazy woman.


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