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Studio Major 7th KMG7 v1.4.1 Latest Version

KMG7V is a 7-string guitar VST plugin suitable for Heavy Metal. Samples are recorded in clean tones and you can use your favorite amp simulator. If you do not have an external amp simulator, KMG7V has one, allowing you to create a variety of sounds. Windows version, 64-bit VST3. This will not work correctly on 32-bit hosts. and Mac is not supported at this time.

Studio Major 7th KMG7 v1.4.1 Latest Version:

  • Format: 24bit/48kHz MONO
  • PowerChord, PowerChord 5th, PowerChord 4th, PowerChord Mute, PowerChord 5th Mute, PowerChord 4th Mute, Solo, SoloMute,
  • Hammer-on, Pull-off,
  • Pick Harmonics, Slide, Slide Noise, Auto String Noise,
  • Vibrato, Legato, Alternate Picking,
  • Brushing, Chop, Unison bend, harmonized bend,
  • Chord Mode,
  • Pre EQ, Distortion, Drive, Post EQ, Volume, Cabinet, STEREO Modeller, Delay, Reverb, Master Volume.


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