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NovoNotes 3DX v1.4.2 Latest Version

Overwhelming spatial reproduction power with intuitive operation.
3DX achieves the highest sound quality and allows the expression of the sound field beyond the real world. By integrating the functions necessary for 3D sound production such as 3D Panning, Binaural and Ambisonic in a single plug-in, it provides a sophisticated production workflow.

3DX is equipped with the award -winning binaural HPL processor.
HPL®︎ is a professional binaural conversion technology sought and developed in Japan. We have pushed the limits of “binaural for music” to see how we could go. The result? Minimum sound quality changes, minimum phase problems and a uniform panoramic in all directions. The resulting sound quality is so highly evaluated, it appears in the production of high quality high resolution sound sources and the mixture of many award -winning works.

Compatible with all surround formats
3DX supports an ever increasing number of surround formats, including 5.1ch and 7.1.4ch. In addition, you can even define 3DX on binaural for better monitoring of sound quality helmets. To mix multichannel formats, your DAW must also support multichannel tracks.

Automatically selects the best algorithm to get the best sound every time

  • Attention to sound is not limited to HPL binaural; our 3D panning and ambisonic decoding also deliver sound of the highest quality.
  • There are many algorithms being researched for these processes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Traditionally, creating great 3D sound is complex, requiring you to select the best algorithm depending on the speaker placement and input audio format.
  • But no more – 3DX simplifies the process. With its two different internal 3D panner processors and two ambisonic decoder processors, it automatically selects the best processor combination when the Input/Output channel settings are changed.
  • There is no longer any need to compare or use multiple plug-ins.
  • With 3DX, you’ll always get the best sound possible.

 What do you need for your production? Choose your perfect fit.

  • The only difference between the two editions is the number of input and output channels. The Lite edition offers the same high quality sound as the Standard edition.
  • Lite is the edition for those who want to create and mix music using binaural. If you are using a DAW that supports only 2-channel tracks, Lite is the best choice.
  • The Standard edition provides sufficient functionality for full-scale 3D audio production and is especially suitable for those who are working with multichannel audio or ambisonics. Please note that your DAW must support multi-channel tracks to use the Standard-specific features.


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