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Accentize Chameleon 2 v2.0.5 Latest Version

Chameleon is an intelligent audio plugin that uses artificial neural networks to estimate and model the exact reverberation content of any source recording. You can build a reverberation profile in a few seconds and easily apply it to dry studio recordings.

– Create unlimited unique reverbs in one click
– Automatic configuration of the dry / humid input, the stereo and pre-delay width
– The ideal tool for realistic ADR and Foley correspondence
– useful for a creative sound design or musical production
-Extract the natural-impulsion-answer response from any recording and export in the form of WAV file

Smart algorithm
Peak automatic learning
Using recent automatic learning techniques, Chameleon can quickly create an unlimited variety of different reverbs.

Integration of workflow
Export the export-impulsion-response room in the form of WAV
If you want to stick to your existing reverberation tools, you can easily combine them with Chameleon. Simply export the response of the part-parting part of the part profile as a WAV file and load it with your convenience convolutionary reverberation plugin.

Automatic adaptation
Analyze the state of the part exactly
Chameleon listened to more than 30,000 different examples of rooms during the development phase. Given this information, he is now able to adapt and imitate any possible reverberation.

Accelerate your corresponding workflow
Chameleon is the ideal tool if you have to match Dry Studio recordings to real reverberant records. You can save hours of adjustment of the hand reverberation parameters. Just learn a reverberation profile in seconds. Take your ADR and FOLEY corresponding to the next level!

A witch says!
No installation of the Ilok driver is required to run.
Our version is loaded faster and uses less memory than the legitimate version.

RAR Password: www.4download.net


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