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The Suitcase v0.19 (Mod) APK

Your task is to collect the suitcase, never open it and ask what’s inside, just collect it. You will not be alone in this mission, Billy and Jimmy are always at your side to help you hunt some bad guys.

Enter training mode to learn your combos, how to deal with hordes of enemies, how to combine your attacks and allies, and know when to block and dodge.

– Each level has mini-bosses. Will you overcome them or fight them?
– BEWARE OF THE POLICE, THEY ARE THE PARTY BOX!!! Don’t let time run out or it will come after you.
– Tons of masks to choose from. What’s your style ?
– Tired of normal difficulty (too easy?)? Then try the expert or master level!
– Play with any device, touch screen, keyboard. Do you have a game board nearby? You can use it too!
– Play with another person, it’s more fun. Just connect to another gamepad.
– Would you rather be undercover? Then kill your enemies without knowing what hits them. You decide how to play the game.

You can’t run out of bullets, and all difficulty chapters can be played.


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