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Sand Balls v2.3.3 (Mod) Apk

Make a path for your balls by moving your finger. Avoid and crash obstacles. Get as many balls to finish as you can.

But why collect these sand balls?

For fun, of course! Because let’s face it:

it’s damn fun. Yeah ! Everyone has the right to relax a bit after a hectic day at work, and this game was designed to relax you and take your mind off your head! Extremely simple action, a nice design, objectives as varied as they are diverse, puzzles that take your breath away … Suffice to say that with its hundreds of levels, this game will keep you going during all your free time.

The second reason:

the strategy! The application offers devious puzzles and riddles that will make your gray cells see all colors: to complete the levels, you must guide all the colored balls to a truck and send them 🚚 to a wonderful lost island in the middle of the ocean. Yes, but what is the point of solving such a puzzle?

You do well to ask, since the answer is none other than the third reason. The game invites you to dive into the heart of a captivating storyline. Throughout the game, you will have to solve complex puzzles, overcome daunting challenges and complete thrilling missions, including repairing buildings and developing the general infrastructure of this island paradise. 🏖️

To sum up, collecting the balls is a great way to decompress after a long day at work while also improving your logical reasoning. So, press the button and download!

You can earn a bubble by finding …

⚈ Golden keys. They open boxes containing various surprises, even money.
⚈ Sticks and other obstacles that stand in your way. You will drool over it!
⚈A secret weapon that can destroy all balls (You can restart the level).
⚈ Long and varied routes. Looks like a real puzzle. Which path will you choose? Try not to get lost!
⚈ A special white bubble … which can transform into … Oh, you will find out for yourself.

Be sure to check out all the WOW effects … and hurry up! Your first truck is coming! Don’t miss this opportunity to solve fun puzzles and erect buildings on an island!

PS. Or maybe not just one picturesque island … but several …



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