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Samurai of Hyuga 5 v1.0.3 (Paid) APK

“Samurai of Hyuga: Book 5” is the heartbreaking sequel to the interactive tale you’re still reading after all these years. Reclaim your role as a ronin and bring the wrath of hell (and Jigoku) upon samurai and spirits!

With a broken heart, mind and body, the odds have never been stronger against our hero. Enemies abound… but so do allies. With the stakes higher than ever, you’ll need more than a good gun to get by.

You once pretended to be the bodyguard of a magical brat in a red silk kimono. It’s time for you to do your job: don’t expect it to be easy in the fifth book of this epic series!

* Unite against foes and allies old and new!
* Infiltrate an enemy fortress and investigate an alien cult!
* Select your face from over 20 beautiful character portraits!
* Over 430,000 words of interactive fiction!

1. Paid APK
2. Unlocked Side Stories


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