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Returner 77 v1.0 (Full Paid) APK

You wake up alone in space, in an alien ship. Explore the ship, use its technology, and follow the path of another survivor who left mysterious messages to guide you.

Returner 77 is a mysterious 3D sci-fi game with stunning graphics that will make you say “Is this really on my mobile phone”? The unique design of the puzzles and the stimulating soundtrack will take you to a future that is not so far away, where humanity did not survive the alien attack. You are one of 77 special operators tasked with calling 8000 space agents to rebuild humanity. Something is wrong and there are only 2 Returners left.

This new indie mobile game is here to push the limits of mobile devices and bring console-quality graphics to mobile games. Returner 77 runs smoothly on any device that meets the criteria. The puzzles are varied and the environment of the game will surprise you thanks to the crystal structures and the mysteries revealed. Returner 77 is the first in a series of games based on the Returner universe, get ready to see more in the future!

What others are saying about Returner 77

“… A compelling story, clever play and exceptional production values ​​and imagery” – iFanzine.com

“You can’t find anything more impressive than this platform” – Appunwrapper

“This is one of the best and most surprising new games we have discovered in recent months” – Apple Editorial Team

Game features

• Challenging puzzles for one player with unique and awesome designs
• Impressive 3D graphics with highly detailed environments. As good as a console game!
•Dynamic sound design
• Puzzle game with hints and automatic solving options, so you never get stuck
• Premium experience without ads
•No micro-transaction, pay once and get the whole game
• Story with action video clips
• Auto-save option so you can continue from where you left off
•Intuitive interface with elegant design
• Frequent updates and added features

Download the game today and start your journey to save humanity!

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