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Racing Legends – Offline Games v1.9.2 (Mod Money) APK

Get in the car, start the engine and press the pedal! Watch the horizon get closer and closer until you reach the finish. Throughout the race, you’ll overtake your rivals and save the day by drifting around the corners.

Become a speed legend in this racing game. Race your car on the most exciting tracks in the world and beat your opponents.

Enjoy next-gen realistic graphics and feel the craving for furious arcade racing. Improve your speed and take your driving skills to a whole new level.

From the mountain to the city, beat other drivers day or night.

Unlimited modifications and adjustments.

Choose wheels, boost and burn the asphalt! Paint your car, customize the rims… enjoy many customization options! Drive legendary performance cars from all over the world and feel the action of these epic Tokyo touge battles.

Enter the garage and increase the power of your engine, put more pressure on the turbo and add more nitrous oxide to your exhaust system to reach high speeds.

When you are not in control of your car, change the tires to improve grip, lower the height of the car by modifying the suspension and add a bumper and strengthen the chassis so you don’t lose speed over the bumps.

On the most difficult roads with snow and mud, you will have to install chains on the tires.

Get out faster at the start of a race by upgrading the exhaust silencer, you’ll leave your opponents behind.

The ultimate driving experience for racers.


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