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Pacific Warships: Online PvP Naval Shooter v1.1.15 (Mod) Apk

Become the commander of an armada in this FREE military navy game! Welcome to the naval battles of tomorrow!

Take up the challenges of PACIFIC WARSHIPS where torpedoes and missiles are fired in all directions. Prepare your crew and ship, then deploy them. Action and tactics intermingle and intermingle in the top of the top of naval conflicts. Use countless weapons, artillery, and ships to unleash a tsunami of missiles and torpedoes that will hit your foe head-on in REAL-TIME online team PvP matches.

Bring your ships together and form the best fleet to assert your supremacy, then wage a merciless struggle on once peaceful seas. Become the Guardian of the Coastline in a merciless battle!

Offering more explosive action than a simple simulator, PACIFIC WARSHIPS propels you into the heart of realism and technology.


✪ ONLINE Multiplayer
Face off against the armadas of adversaries from around the world in multiplayer naval battles.

✪ Stunning 3D graphics
The future is here! We have created the most realistic graphics on mobile! Play and let yourself be captivated! The game will work even on entry-level devices!

✪ Capabilities
Wreak havoc with the abilities of your ships. Boost your shooting power to become the best military navy commander!

✪ Improvement system
Upgrade your ships and gunboats to assert your supremacy! Numerous cannons, missiles, chassis and modules will transform your ship into a formidable weapon. Any upgrades to your warship will change its appearance and armor.

✪ Captain skills
Improve your stats by developing technologies and take care of the crew too! Learn skills and sink enemy ships!

✪ Fleet
Discover a wide variety of ships (Arrow, Avenger, Spearhead, Eclipse) categorized, from light destroyers to battleships that look like floating fortresses!

✪ Capture areas
The team that maintains control over as many areas as possible wins! Form an alliance and hinder the progress of the enemy!

✪ Focus on strategy
Form an armada made up of different ships! Pick the ones that match your offensive tactics. The objective is to spot the enemy and sink him! It’s up to you whether you want to attack in close combat or pound the opponent while keeping your distance.

✪ Advanced matchmaking
All skirmishes are generated by the game! All you need to do is press the “FIGHT” button for teams to be formed and hostilities to begin.

✪ Intuitive controls
Intuitive controls and ergonomic interface will let you master the intricacies of naval battles!

✪ Option to select graphics according to the power of your smartphone
Your mobile is not a thunderbolt? Configure the graphics (from Low to High)!

★★★ Our PvP shooter is completely FREE!

Fantastic textures, breathtaking islands and skies, an ocean larger than life. Here is the next-gen naval shooter game! On the program for online multiplayer games for 2020: regular updates and new features.

You do not know which title to set your sights on? Try PACIFIC WARSHIPS

For the best experience without Wi-Fi, make sure your connection is stable and that other apps are using your bandwidth to a minimum.

Note :
Dear users! We’re doing everything we can to improve the game, create new maps, implement new features and ships, enhance graphics and optimize performance! Please don’t hesitate to email us or contact support if you encounter any bugs.

Support: support@gdcgames.ru
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GDCompanyGames


1. One Hit Kill

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