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Otherworld Legends v1.14.3 (Mod) APK

Explore beautiful otherworlds like bamboo groves, zen patios, towering Underworld tombs, and a dreamlike mirage palace. Master heroes with fiery temperaments and extraordinary power. Collect unusual objects and try different combinations to find the best one. The randomly generated world makes each game a unique and thrilling adventure.


“The best warriors from different eras and different places are summoned in the mirage created by Asurenda. They go through ordeal after ordeal until finally facing the ancient secret behind this realm …”


• Dynamic controls and a pleasant combat experience.
• Many heroes with their own fighting styles at your disposal. Melee attack, ranged, magical … You will inevitably find the shoe to your feet.
•A huge variety of enemies, bosses and scenes, ranging from towering knights to silly but adorable monsters. You will always have something to let off steam.
• Collect a whole ocean of items that offer all kinds of bonuses. Try out object fusion recipes until you find the combination that best suits your fighting style.
• Prepare for all the surprises the dungeon has in store: random enemies, secret rooms, hidden shop and unknown bosses.
•Assisted control lets you easily target enemies for fabulous combos with just a few moves.
• A unique blend of 2D and 3D pixel art styles as well as amazing hand-drawn animations.


Unlocked Characters | Unlimited Money


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