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Mr. Dog: Scary Story of Son. Horror Game v1.5.6 Mod Apk

Uncover the secrets of a malicious family. Find out why Grandma and Grandpa chased you and your friends. After you managed to escape from the grandfather and grandmother, passing by Mr. Dog’s house, you noticed that the fat one grabbed one of your friends. Mr. Dog is the policeman, the son of the grandfather and the grandmother. You have to sneak into his mansion now and help your friend escape. But the escape will not be easy, because Mr. Dog’s house is a real prison. And escaping from prison cannot be easy. It is dark, there are no neighbors, there is no point in calling the police, your friend is waiting for you, save him!

There are a lot of traps and puzzles in the house. Among other things, Mr. Dog himself will chase away anyone who has crossed the borders of his home. The escape will be a real horror when you figure out what kind of secrets the fat man keeps in his mansion. A night at Mr. Dog’s will be a lot of fun for any intruder.

The horror game with the policeman is full of interesting, but scary moments at the same time. As you sneak into Mr. Dog’s territory, stay silent and find the necessary things for escape. A game of hide and seek with the policeman is quite a difficult task, as he has assistants who have strong teeth and are very fast. There is no need to call the police, because the fat one is the head of the local prison and the police station. So, in order to reveal Mr. Dog’s malicious personality, you will need to gather evidence to prove his crimes.

If you like horror games with elements of humor, as well as arcade games where you have to do missions and find things, be sure to try to escape the clumsy fat man and his helpers with sharp teeth – the game is completely free! It is possible to choose one of the several difficulty modes. If you want to have fun, choose “ghost” mode. If you want intense arcade game, choose hard mode and show your friends how cool you are.

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