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Miami crime simulator v2.8.6 (Mod) Apk

Miami is a modern and luxurious city located on the ocean coast. Expensive cars, beautiful beaches, good clubs attract different people to this city. Including the gangsters. Your hero challenged this stone jungle and decided to succeed in the criminal world. Play free third person 3D gangster simulator with RPG elements. Immerse yourself in the street life of the metropolis and start your path to success. The city you are in has many dangers. High crime rate, evil cops, car thefts and crazy bullets will be waiting for your hero. But the open 3D world also opens up new opportunities for your boyfriend. Start playing now and dive into the world of interesting and dangerous adventures.

Pass the game through the completion of tasks. For successful quests, you will receive a large amount of experience and coins. As you progress through the game, you will open up more and more quests. Find allies and create gangs. Protect your region from other bandits.

Steal cars and deliver them to your garage. Explore the city in a sports car. Explore the protected areas.

Take daily rewards each day to get the final prize. Free crystals will be available to you several times a day. Gather resources on site. There you will find: weapons, ammunition, first aid kit, coins and much more.

Improve your boyfriend. As your level increases, your opportunities also increase. Experience, amount of money earned, and basic skills increase.

The game offers a great store for your street fighter. There you can buy whatever you want for your hero.

Build yourself a serious arsenal. Arm yourself to the teeth and always be on the alert. Each gun requires skillful handling. Upgrade your weapons and gain an advantage in battles. Stock up on ammo to fight an army of enemies. Otherwise, a pistol without cartridges will be a useless piece of iron.

Dress up your gangster in cool costumes. Create multiple images of your hero depending on your mood.

Cool cars for any task and entertainment. Improve driver skills using different vehicles:

Sports cars – brilliant tuned vehicles, will let you be the king of the roads. Burn rubber on the asphalt. Start driving efficiently in the city like a bullet.

All-terrain vehicles are powerful and reliable. With such a car you will go over any off-road. But sometimes your gangster needs to move safely and beat his enemies. Such a machine is the best suited.

The game is perfectly optimized for mobile devices. Play with pleasure on your phone or tablet. Convenient and smooth control of the main character creates a high-quality immersion in the game. The fluidity of the camera and animations gives the digital world more realism. The game works great on weak and powerful devices. You can easily take advantage of additional parameters to define the necessary parameters in more detail. You can change the range of the camera, the density of the traffic of people and cars.

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