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Metal Strike War V7.6 (MOD) APK

At the start of the 21st century, human beings with developed intelligence and science made a variety of modern weapons and organisms, as well as robots for life and protection. people on earth.

However, a major financial and terrorist group is silently producing destructive weapons and genetically modified organisms that will one day rule Earth.

Metal Strike War is the best adventure game on Google Play and suitable for all smartphones and tablets. To win you have to completely immerse yourself in the character, create smart movement tactics to dodge bullets and enemy BOSS. Shoot Weapons at Enemy Base: Shoot, shoot plane, shoot enemy elite task force, raid, ambush or use fleet. Your power.

The game begins when the protagonist named Graves takes command from the commander to announce the situation to the world. Graves will command the army to attack the military zone and the legions of world-famous terrorists.

Take a gun and hit a hundred, a thousand sniper hunter, a million swat foe, Sniper Zombie. Let attack any attacker to defend himself.

-How to play-

The game is mainly about jumping skills, flipping through the air, running to shoot, dodging bullets, and destroying enemy units as well as the enemy’s BOSS.
In the game, there are many items available to players, such as armor protecting the drum for a while, resuming boom, changing weapons, and upgrading weapons. Players must use as much aids as possible to win the war and make it through the stage.
Each level will have 3 small maps, at the end of each map players will meet BOSS and the last gate is full of difficulty as BOSS will be more powerful and skillful, promising to give players an exciting experience. . Through each card, BOSS will be more and more impressive, more skillful and more beautiful than many.

-Weapons system-

Game Weapon System: Each character will have 5 guns. The four best character cannons are also equipped. The last pistol will be the characteristic pistol for each character.

– Pistol (Desert Eagle)

– Colt

– AK-47

– laser

– M60 (machine 60)

– M4A1

– Hunting rifle

– Sniper rifle

– Paintball

– Uzi

– Minigun (NEW).

– Energy explosion (NEW).

– Kel-Tec KSG: This is the basic weapon of the game.

– AK Future: This is a special type of weapon that splashes many bullets at once.

– HK243: With this type of gun, you don’t have to worry about obstructions or dizziness in a straight line.

– FR-27: firearm with a torrent of bullets.

– The latest pistol system: The latest pistols will have their own characteristics for each player. You will feel more confident when choosing a hero who will truly match your skills.

– Flaming Guns: With the advantage of high speed, potency and damage to many objects at once, it will be a perfect choice for your adventure.

– The rocket launcher: it must fire all the rockets but with very great attack power.
– Laser wave cannon: Launches a laser wave.

What’s New?

– Fix bugs
– Improve user experience


Unlimited Money

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