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AU2 Mobile (EN) – Lovely Babies v16.0 (Modded) APK

Now the flashlights are ready, the DJ’s are in place, and the fans are waiting.
Come to my idols, let’s rock ‘n’ roll!

【Shoot me with your love (*/ω\*)】

A complete and sweet social experience that fulfills all your fantasies about love. Different ways of interaction deepen your love with the couple day by day. Ride the vehicles together to show your love as if no one else saw it. Cute Lovers Diary makes every day full of surprise!
“I want to say hello to you and say goodbye”

【Rhythm is my heartbeat for you (づ  ̄3 ̄) づ ╭❤ ~

Hit the dance floor with a huge list of licensed songs and diverse playstyles packed with the latest dance moves! The original Trail mode enables you to show your love with every beat and trail!
“Every trail and streak is a guide that I want to make mine.”

【With an elf you are not alone (* ^ – ^ *)】

The immersive experience of interacting with an elf makes him more than just a ‘pet’. Feel the fun by uniting with your elf, pinning it down and playing together on the dance floor. You and your elf will have a great and wonderful time in the game.
“Please take care of me for the rest of my life.”

【You’re the Super Idol (๑ • ̀ ㅂ • ́) and ✧】

The new Idol Trainee system gives you a more exciting gaming experience. Team up with other trainees, train, take jobs, and fight to be the idol contest’s brightest star!
“I will be the center of the world to answer your cheers all my way.”


♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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