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Lords Mobile v2.84 (Mod) APK

The world is torn apart, the warlords are fighting epic battles. Restore the balance of power by creating a mighty empire. In this flagship RPG battle game of strategy games, build your castle, recruit epic warriors, soldiers and heroes trained for wrestling and go on the attack to conquer and expand your territory in a multiplayer war that will make you rule over entire kingdoms.

With this new multiplayer RPG, explore the magical world of LORDS MOBILE. Your mighty hero will have to recruit his troops to defend himself and win the confrontation! Build your empire strategically in this real-time combat RPG MMO named one of the most competitive war games on Google Play and earned Game accolade!

☆ Open world multiplayer RPG game: build an empire ☆

Conquer lands and hone your combat tactics in this multiplayer war game. As Clan Wars rage, join a guild to wage battle and face millions of players for victory.

☆ Defend the territory ☆

Recruit and lead your soldiers into conflict to defend your castle from attack against your empire. Develop a multiplayer war and battle strategy to defend your territory! Each soldier will have to use tactics to defend the village against mighty dragons.

☆ Find friends ☆

Fight and counter-attack with your allies in the defense of kingdoms. Your guild will need to be strong because Clan Wars give the weak no respite in this fighting MMORPG.

☆ Reign as an emperor ☆

This RPG fighting strategy game sends you to conquer the enemy and his throne. Come build your castle in this epic battle royale MMO! Will you be the winner? Will you become an Emperor Emeritus or rule a cruel despot over an empire in conflict?

☆ Mighty heroes ☆

Recruit and upgrade your heroes to battle against enemy kingdoms and let your heroes tactically conquer them! Choose from a myriad of characters: Dragon of Chaos, Dark Knight, Prince of Thieves …

☆ Use strategy in these clan wars ☆

Fine-tune your confrontation and struggle tactics to conquer and expand your empire in this multiplayer challenge! Perfect your defense, confrontation and counterattack strategy!

☆ Epic multiplayer battles ☆

In this RPG, you will have to lead warriors and soldiers like warlords to conquer enemy kingdoms and emerge victorious from the confrontation! You will recruit the troops of your army before fighting in the arena. The fight against enemy soldiers to survive the war and become emperor will be tough.

☆ Transform the kingdom ☆

Establish your empire or kingdom and defend your castle in this MMORPG of showdown and conquest.

☆ Choose a path for battle ☆

In this MMORPG fighting strategy game, create a kingdom or an empire based on trade and alliances with friends. You may decide to employ a strategy of struggle, attack and counterattack as you attempt to conquer enemy kingdoms as a warlord with your heroes and soldiers.

☆ Enter the dragon arena ☆

Let’s go for a guild vs guild battle! No troops will be lost, send everything!

In LORDS MOBILE, this conquering multiplayer RPG, take part in war with your allies against other warlords. Take the victory by devising different combat and confrontation tactics to conquer kingdoms with your troops and demand your emperor’s throne!
Your empire awaits you. Are you ready for an epic war? Will you be up to the challenge?

Auto Battle PVE
Unlock Vip 15 Features
Army ATK +10%
Army DEF +10%
Army MAX HP +10%
Travel Speed +10%
Player Exp Boost +50%
Food Production +25%
Stone Production +25%
Timber Production +25%
Ore Production +25%
Gold Production +25%


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