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Last Viking God of Valhalla v0.30.2 (Mod) APK

Last Viking: God of Valhalla is a unique mythical exploration and survival game set in the Niffelheim universe.

Build a Viking settlement from scratch and protect it from Valheim raids. This is your ark and you are its guardian. Don’t forget to enjoy the atmosphere of Skyrim! The survival of your village is vital and depends on you, don’t let it go to the green hell! In these dark, terrifying, gothic times, an island of prosperity is a dying light of hope, and a city builder like you is a prime target for a scum. You are not a nomad without roots: protect what is your birthright! Fight as Valnir to repel the attacks of Conan’s Assassins, those dying zombies, barbarians, exiled thieves and other lost rok souls aiming to kill you and your people day and night. Defend your people from these monsters, don’t let them fall into the Fold and you will be their hero!

Get ready for thrilling action: it’s survival mode time! Gather vital resources, craft and upgrade your mordhau weapons to make them durable, explore the land full of wild animals, hunt in the forest, do quests, solve puzzles, find the abandoned outposts. Anything that makes you capable, makes you stronger, makes you a primal warrior and survival hero. Yes, skill and craftsmanship will save you! Stay strong and survive these long and dark days, follow the runes of your destiny and become a god of war with Hellblade!

The game is multiplayer: play with your friends online or offline.

Prepare for the apocalypse: there is no feasting in the afterlife for cowards! Come on, outside! For your honor and Valhalla!



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