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Kingdom Rush Frontiers v5.3.02 (Mod) Apk

The world’s most addicting defense game is back. Welcome to Kingdom Rush: Frontiers!

Bigger and meaner than before, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers sublimates the frenetic and adorable gameplay that made the original title such a multi-award-winning success. Command your troops in an epic (mis) adventure and defend exotic lands from dragons, man-eating plants and horrific inhabitants of the underworld. Discover new levels, heroes and towers and even more bonus items to help you reduce your enemies to mush. (Don’t worry, we’ve also kept everything good from the previous game. It’s a classic now.)

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers has such massive content, it’s a pixelated explosion of joy thrown in the face … It hurts so much it tastes good!


– A fantastic Tower Defense game with tons of strategic decisions. Loads of super powerful stuff like reinforcements, meteors, bombs that freeze enemies and devastating medieval nuclear weapons!

– Protects the borders of new exotic lands. Hold the front line in deserts, jungles and even underground!

– Eight never-before-seen specialist tower upgrades! Slice, char and crush your enemies with Crossbow Forts, mighty Templars, Necromancers and even Seismic Towers. We told you it was going to shake.

– Over 18 tower capacities! Unleash Death Riders, Pestilence Clouds, or Assassins that steal and kill your enemies!

– Over 40 enemies with unique abilities! Be careful while fighting towards sands, tribal shamans, nomadic tribes and underground terrors.

– Eleven legendary heroes. Choose your champions and sharpen their abilities! Each has unique specialties that match different styles of play!

– Special units and features at every step! Watch out for the black dragon!

– Merciless boss fights! Hey, we told you not to skimp on improvements …

– The upgrade system allows you to adapt the mini and maxi of your turns to your preferred strategy.

– Hours of play with over 70 achievements!

– Classic, Iron and Heroic game modes to put your tactical skills to the test!

– Three difficulty modes! Ready for a real challenge? Try hard mode!
Bewitching charm with vibrant music, inspired voices and lovingly drawn cartoon graphics! (And cartoon blood, of course.)

– In-game encyclopedia! True warriors know their enemies well … and their towers. Study it all for me!

Halloween Update

💮 3 new Halloween levels!
🐱‍🏍 9 new enemies! Face fearsome ghouls, terrifying specters, ferocious werewolves, and even mighty vampires!
🎶 2 new heroes: Recruit Dante the vampire hunter or summon Bonehart, the legendary dracolich.
🐱‍👓 New mechanic: moonlight!
🐱‍🚀 5 successes!
🎎 Surprises and special guests! The Headless Horseman is here!


Editor’s Pick for IGN, Must-Play for Slide To Play, Editor’s Pick for 148 Apps, Game of the Year for Jay is Games, Gold Medal for Pocket Gamer, Rated at 4, 5/5 at Touch Arcade. ”

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