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Horror Show – Scary Online Survival Game v0.99.2.4 (Mod) APK

Innocent victim or psychopath? Mansion or mental asylum? In the spooky Horrow Show, you play as the bloodthirsty killer or a survivor.

You find yourself in an abandoned camp with three other thrill-seeking night owls … but you soon find that you have entered the hunting grounds of an appalling psychopath. Now is the time to choose your side!

About the game:

– 4 survivors with different stats
– 3 killers with special tactics
– The classic mix of 1 killer versus 4 survivors
– Upgrade the hero type of your choice and unlock new ones
– Logic puzzles: understand how to escape your worst nightmare
– Play as the killer and make a massacre. Find all your victims! There is fresh meat on the menu!
– Real-time multiplayer mode

Five reasons to love Horror Show:

– Sumptuous gore graphics and creepy sound effects
– Combine the talents of your heroes and cooperate with other survivors to find new ways to escape the nightmare
– Remember that you can heal your characters and help each other escape a horrific spell
– In killer mode, you can also create your own “most imaginative murder” strategy
– The killer hears what his victims are doing to better track and capture them

What’s New?

I chose my path, you chose the path of the survivor. And they thought you were funny at first, the maniacs of this show.
But there is something that is much dearer to them than survival… the mistakes of the survivor, his fall and death.
And despite what you’ve done for your partners, they’ll still hate you.
So why bother?
– The foundation has been laid for upcoming updates!
– Preparing for the release version of the game!
– The biography of the characters is updated every time!


  • Unlimited Money.
    Unlimited Gold.

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