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Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes v5.1.3 (Mod Money) APK

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes is a turn-based strategy game that will put you right in the middle of the war between humans, orcs, goblins, elves, dwarves and the undead.
Build a powerful army and lead your troops to victory using the unique skills of your heroes and units. Use terrain and building covers to boost your stats and outsmart your enemies in singleplayer, skirmishes, and multiplayer.

Participate in four exciting campaigns, control heroes with unique combat abilities, protect your people and face powerful enemies. Command units such as infantry, cavalry, mages, mighty siege engines, elven archers, dwarf riflemen, and more.

In the human campaign, you assume the role of Percival Kent, an experienced Paladin who has been sent by the Emperor to investigate reports of goblin activity in a region belonging to humans. The Kingdom is on the brink of war… Who wants it to break out? What kind of Alliance will you need to forge to face the inevitable invasion of green-skinned enemies?
The Elven campaign introduces Arcaena, leader of the Elven archers.

As you try to find Sylvius a druid who can tame the forces of nature, you will face a powerful goblin mage and his allies.
In the orcs and goblins campaign, you can even control a mighty dragon and his devious goblin friend Vulpis who can trick his enemies and perform a deadly attack. While trying to find the source of unnatural floods that forced your people to find a new home, you will encounter a third playable hero, a mighty orc warrior.

The final chapter takes you to the kingdom of the dwarves, where you must face new enemies that you have never encountered. With three new playable heroes and their unique abilities, you’ll find yourself in the middle of epic battles to stop the forces of evil from spreading across the world.

To gain a tactical advantage, you must use magic, which goes far beyond deploying specialized units such as mages. Your heroes are trained to use scrolls, which can change the tide of battle in the blink of an eye. Summon undead or powerful golems, lead your opponents into a rain of fire or a toxic cloud, and awaken their rage.
In each of the campaigns you have a castle at your disposal. You can develop it according to your own fighting style. Upgrade your favorite heroes and units, and also upgrade teleports to gain a formidable advantage on the battlefield.

In addition to the single-player mode, you can test your skills in a challenging PvP multiplayer, which has different game modes such as classic battle or the exciting royal mode.

● Turn-based strategy game, based on simple and clear rules and with tactical depth, thanks to which you can adjust your playing style.
● Complete four captivating single player campaigns with unique heroes, units and enemies.
●Use the special skills of your heroes and units to have an advantage on the battlefield.
● Expand your castle, improve your army and recruit specialized units.
● Each of the available races have well-balanced units and characteristics, ensuring a unique strategy and making battles more exciting and varied.
●PvP multiplayer has three modes: classic battle, capture the flag and royale.
● A single-player skirmish mode features heroes from each campaign.


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