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Gun Strike Fire: Free FPS Firing v1.1.5 (Mod Apk)

War Games: FPS Shooting Game!
One of the best shooting games for kids in 2021.

If you are looking for new gun games of 2021 then you have come to the right place. The war is here and as a real army commando. Remember that it is your duty to be on the front lines and fight for your country against the enemies.

War Games: FPS Shooting Game is the # 1 3D FPS game of counter-action terrorism. Fight global terrorism and become the ultimate counter-terrorist! This game is popular among girls and is ranked higher in the category of shooting games for girls.

Shooting missions!

Play as an expert FPS player to fight. Sniper stealth missions in this free offline action game. Get down, get up and run! Enter the realistic combat environment with real graphics and advanced physics. Win against enemy operations by eliminating all criminals tactically hiding in different locations. Offline game lovers: you will love to play this game!

Epic 3D online battle of all time!

Become a hero by winning every round of this thrilling war against terrorist forces in this best action packed 3D online game!
Soldier! You have been deployed to fight unknown terrorist forces. In this free 3D sniper game story, infiltrate enemy HQ to fight against rival sniper assassins. Select and upgrade your weapons with advanced artillery physics to achieve victory in the next round. Choose a sniper rifle or an assault rifle for more precise shots in this action packed free game.

Trigger sniper rifles and assault rifles in realistic 3D environment, shoot madly, then get more items and weapons from the reward. As an experienced action game player, recharge your health and update your weapons before every fight. Complete the mission objectives by planting explosives on the bridge before the convoy arrives. Show your shooting skills against criminals in shooting gameplay. The best shooting game!

War Games Features: FPS Shooting Game

* Sniper stealth secret mission objectives.
* HD graphics with the best sound effects in FPS game.
* Choose an exotic sniper rifle with advanced artillery features

Aim and shoot! Download now one of the best fun FPS shooting games for free.

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