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GTA 5 Unity APK v0.7 Android Open World Gameplay

GTA5 APK or Grand Theft Auto 5 APK is still beta and it is based on GTA5 PC and Console Game. This game is living proof that it is realistic to create a good analogue of GTA 5 for Android! Of all the diversity of Grand Theft Auto clones, this is the most believable game – it’s no surprise. Los Angeles Crimes APK uses real models from the fifth part of the GTA game.

This is a beta version that lets you enjoy all the pleasures of realistic graphics and see something on your smartphone that once displayed on the most high-end computers and consoles of the last generation. In this beta version, there is a small area, where you can walk, drive cars and motorcycles, jump from springboards, etc. This is a test version! There are no missions and an open world. Only a small patch of land, weapons and several vehicles to assess physics, graphics and plausibility compared to the current GTA 5.

It is not a complete game, just one step where you can experience different aspects like NPC, car or bike. you can try these functions and you will want to play GTA5 on Android. Well, this is a fan-made game based on Unity Engine. you can watch different videos regarding this beta game. It’s just a little game made by a fan and nothing else. I will keep updating this beta whenever a new update arrives, so bookmark this page.

It works so perfectly fine, it is not a full Android GTA5 game. it’s just a test level where you can enjoy some features of GTA5 like cycling, driving or you can do all of those things in FPS MODE. it works like butter. Some advertisements can be disabled while playing the game offline. Enjoy the Android game Los Angeles Crimes APK GTA 5 Unity.


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