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Gangstar Vegas World of Crime 5.3.0o (MOD) Apk

Are you ready to launch into the world of crime? The city of Vegas misses a gangster like you!

Freedom to plunge into the massive game world rife with gang wars, robbery, car races, sniping missions, clan plots, shooting zombies, and other fierce and fun missions!

Vegas meaning of revenge: It is the city of sins

√Explore every corner of this mega city, where every sin has a cost.
√Explore all TPS missions, racing challenges, covert objects and robberies.
√Get a chance with your favorite casino game. You know it well, the kind you never get a chance to play in San Andreas …

Confrontations in a crazy vast world

√Write your own Vegas story lines with mafia gangsters. But soon you’ll be liberated to claim the jackpot while sending your own clan to face the underworld.
√Keep fighting for your life in every action-packed mission (over 80!) Packed with crime, racing, shooting, and third-person shooter fun!
√You will never know what battles await you to fight, aliens, hordes of tanks and zombie clans are part of the population of this city.

Ways to trade

√Open gang wars with a big hit by fighting with flamethrowers, Molotov cocktails, grenade launchers and even futuristic weapons!
√Get behind the wheel of powerful cars, armored tanks, ski bikes, fighters and any other vehicle you have dreamed of riding since you started making your way in the world of crime.
√Deploy killer drones to give you fire cover and counterattack support as well as the power to heal.
√Be one of the best gangsters and modify your aiming skills and in-game gear to have the most fun.
√Commit your crime in style with dozens of outfits that allow you to take on the character of the gambler, zombie gangster, mafia boss, world boxing champion, racing pro, futuristic sniper and other characters.

What’s New?

GANGSTAR GIRLS: For the first time, you can play as a female Gangstar!
PORTALS EVENT: Discover these strange doorways throughout the city to take on special missions in unbelievable locations.
OTHER UPGRADES: Daily Rewards are now accessible directly from the main menu, and the Workshop is now accessible from the Shop.
See you on the flipside, Gangstar!


Unlimited Money (Without OBB Game will not work on it will show DATA LOAD ERROR)


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