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From Zero to Hero: Cityman v1.7.9 (Mod) Apk

Life simulation.

Start the game as an unemployed person without housing or money.

Make a living, find a job, study, work hard to climb the corporate ladder, gamble on the stock market, earn money at the casino, buy cars, houses, planes … Stop at nothing to achieve your goals and become president before your character dies of old age.

Life simulation:

– Start your life as a poor guy with no roof on his head, penniless and without a job
– Find money to buy food
– Buy clothes and find a room in a dormitory
– Enroll in university and progress to improve your financial situation
– Earn money at the casino
– Boursicot to make ends meet
– Climb the ranks within the company
– Find a girlfriend and start a virtual family
– Don’t forget to go to the hospital to heal your character and give him a vacation in heavenly places
– Bowling, play billiards and attend concerts to boost your happiness
– Start your own business and earn your first million
– Become president if you manage to meet all the challenges and not die of old age


1. A new game begins with a lot of money
2. Paid opportunities that were for real money became free

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