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Extreme 4×4 Offroad Car Drive v1 (Mod) APK

Experience the most realistic driving simulation with Extreme 4×4 Offroad Car Drive game! This 4×4 offroad car game simulator is designed with realistic details. All details, from vehicle features to mode options, from map options to game features, were created using virtual reality procedures. We know you love offroad simulation games and that’s why we bring you real driving dynamics. We will give you an off-road experience with ramps in different sections.

It allows you to experience driving in custom sections by designing your offroad game simulation vehicle as you wish. Get ready to explore huge maps and improve your driving experience. Now with Extreme 4×4 Offroad Car Drive, one of the world’s most popular high torque SUV simulator games, you can experience the thrill of crying on asphalt in deserts on your phone. Customize your real high torque SUV, 4×4 SUV and collect amazing rewards.

The main features of the game are based on realistic simulation designs. Constantly changing and improving mode options; Equipped with custom maps and in-game features. You can make your off-road driving experience more enjoyable with custom options.

You can customize your 4×4 offroad vehicle from the garage section. Just before starting the game, select your 4×4, offroad and offroad vehicle of a different color from the vehicle features. You can use any color when creating off-road vehicles. With window, yoke and suspension options, you can build your vehicle for tough conditions.

Extreme 4×4 Offroad Car Drive game tracks are prepared at offroad level. Offroad driving conditions are provided so that you can experience driving in the best possible way. Against harsh conditions with the All-Terrain Revolution; Parkour, Free Mode and New Mode are included. You can play two different fun modes by customizing them to three different conditions. Before choosing the modes, remember to choose the most suitable offroad jeep for the terrain.

parkour style:

You can test your skills with offroad kings experience by playing this mode. You will experience a more advanced track mode compared to offroad games. It is not easy to overcome the obstacles on the prepared path from easy to difficult. Adjust the suspension of your offroad 4×4 vehicle and start parkour right away.


You don’t even need to customize your off-road vehicle to play free mode. You can use the single mode to explore the maps and learn to drive in the conditions you want. And You can also come across a lot of interesting things in this mode.

Map Options

It is possible to take the offroad racing challenge and feel like it is real in Extreme 4×4 Offroad Car Drive. There are options for maps, both seasonal and geographical, depending on natural conditions.

In Extreme 4×4 Offroad Car Drive there is a desert section which you can do offroad in desert atmosphere. You can drive your offroad car on hot sand.

The game also has Fun City and Factory sections. It does not have to be terrain compatible with an off-road area. If you wish, you can force off-road conditions on these maps.

Extreme 4×4 offroad car driving features
– More than 10 customizable cars (offroad paint, suspension)
– Detailed cities and paths
– Fun missions
– Easy to use
– Unlimited fun with free mode
– Different camera angles
– Off-road vehicle engine start/stop function
– fuel system
– Realistic car damage

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