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Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia v0.704.88114 (Mod) Apk

Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia

Continuous Evolution: Sci-Fi Success Announces Long-awaited Sequel! The story reveals that utopia is from a different perspective and awaits you.
Episode 2 preserved the unique Evolution atmosphere that attracted millions of players. On the other hand, the gameplay has undergone revolutionary changes: Evolution 2 is an explosive mix of top-down shooter, third-person, action, strategy, and RPG!

Get ready for an amazing story with unexpected twists!

The story takes place in Planet Utopia, which was once a billionaire resort. Now it is rife with brutal loot, monsters and combat robots, and it wages a merciless war against everyone.

Dive into endless fights, pick up the most powerful weapons and psi power – the power of the game’s hero, Captain Blake. It owes this extraordinary power to the Suspicious Experience, and will not hesitate to use it to destroy any enemy of your choice.

☆ original science fiction decor. Space and post-apocalyptic shooters and biopunk on a distant planet.
☆ Unique balance of styles. A mix of strategy, RPG and top-down shooting in an original battle system.
☆ Tactical gameplay. Upgrade your character and allies, choose the best weapons and take advantage of your enemy’s weakness.
☆ Exciting PvE campaign. Lots of epic missions and bosses. Enemy grows stronger with every battle.
Simultaneous battles online. Online multiplayer battles. Make your way to the top of the leaderboards and earn rewards.
☆ Future Arsenal. Fantastic weapons with unique and upgradeable features! Enjoy the good old guns, but also the Pulse, Acid and Bionic weapons.
☆ Upgrading the station: opening new rooms and learning more about future technology. Evolution has no limits!
☆ Interactive and realistic 3D arenas completely immerse you in the game!

Your stop is ready – take the fight. With this utopia we will settle their accounts, captain!

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High weapon damage
One Shot Kill
(not to all rivals)

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