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Evil Nun 2 : Stealth Scary Escape Game v1.1.5 (Mod) Apk

Description of the Game

Hello all horror game lovers, welcome to one of your most beloved horror characters. This is a must see of evil games in 2020: try to escape from a scary escape room! That’s why we’re bringing her back to the Nuns Play School, in one of the best scary escape games we’ve ever made!

The Evil Nun Part 2 will introduce you to the dark past of Sister Madeline, the frightening evil nun who stars in the first installment of our offline horror game saga.

This game features different scary suspense stories where you have to survive as you will be trapped trying to beat The Nun game.

From the makers of the best horror games: The Evil Nun is back in an action thriller, so get ready to feel the horror again in the Nuns Game School! This year horror escape games are scarier than ever

If you love tough horror games, and you love the thrills that haunted house games, room escape horror games and stealth horror games, this is the thriller game you are looking for. .

Are you ready to say “Hello neighbor” to your old friends? Are you ready to jump out of your seat to scare? Here you will venture to escape dangers with the same level of threat as a serial killer, like Mr. Meat, or even Ice Scream’s spooky ice cream merchant, Rod.

Of all the scary stories you’ve heard and all the thriller offline, you
played this scary grandma’s one by far the worst, and we know you love it!

We do not recommend it if you are having nightmares because Evil Nun 2 is one of those scary games and room escape games that will give you really bad nightmares because of their horror stories. This is not horror game for kids, it will scare them and give them anxiety because of offline horror game.

Want to know how you can survive in these scary escape games? You will have to use different tools and whatever else you have to escape, survive and not get chased by Sister Madeline. It’s not like scary games for kids:

– Be more afraid than in any other horror game.

-Monsters can hear from you! Be careful not to make noise!
-Explore all the secret places in the school of nuns horror games. Much bigger and with more rooms than you might think, these spooky sets are terrifying!
-Hide like your favorite horror story characters, this is the key to survival!
-Be sure to craft weapons to fight in nuns horror shooter game, this is one of the hardest games to play!
-The monsters will turn the school into an almost haunted house, so run as soon as you see one. Remember that the goal of this adventure is to escape and survive!
-Solve all the puzzles! It will allow you to progress and they are more horrible than in all the other scary games.
– Hunt the evil nun who died when she was young.

But above all, enjoy your escape adventure game! The second part of Evil Nun is made of horror games for free lovers like you.

We are in love with our games and we love to provide players with amazing experiences that can be shared with everyone. You can’t miss the opportunity to play school nun horror game offline!

Don’t forget to download one of the latest horror games 2020 and enjoy it as much as we love survival horror games! And don’t forget to leave your comments in the comments section!


Free purchase to disable ads;
After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu, where you can enable dumb bots (they cannot kill you).


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