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Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital – Horror Games v1.2.4 (MOD) APK

The new Endless Nightmare game has been released! The story takes place in a spooky hospital in the new spooky horror game. James wakes up in the spooky hospital, he investigates the case of missing people in Oak Town, dangers are everywhere in the weird and spooky hospital. What kind of weird and scary case will he encounter? Lots of evil eyes are watching him. What scary secret is hidden in the strange sacry hospital? James will take up arms for a fight between justice and evil this time!


– Exploration: carefully search the spooky rooms of the hospital, collect useful items and clues.
– Investigation: According to the objects and clues you have explored in spooky rooms, solve free puzzles, uncover the hidden secrets of the spooky hospital and infer the truth.
– Hide: Pay attention to the dangers in the spooky hospital, there are a lot of spooky ghosts everywhere. If you can’t beat them, hide in the closet and wait for them to leave.

– Strategy: If you encounter the mighty boss, use your strategy to get rid of it.
– Attack: Knives and pistols are added to the game, you can collect them to kill scary ghosts! Of course, the parts of the weapons can be upgraded, the weapon will be more powerful after upgrading! If you are not good at shooting, you can use a knife to assassinate crazy ghosts from behind. Weapons can appease you and make you lose your horror!
– Learning: You will get more skills by learning talents! This will greatly increase the chances of survival.

Game Features:

– Exquisite 3D graphic style and bring you the most realistic horror visual experience!
– Conspiracies and complex cases, use your wisdom and strategy to find the scary truth!
– Explore with first person perspective, test logical reasoning ability and uncover the horror secrets hidden in the hospital!
– Rich gameplay, skills, weapons, inference, battles, the game has it all!- Take your weapons! You can use precise marksmanship to kill horror ghosts!
– Scary music and sound effects, please wear headphones to experience the scary atmosphere!
– Progress can be saved, experience the real thriller!
– Play without internet! You can play it everywhere!

Endless Nightmare:

Weird Hospital is an epic 3D ghost game. It contains horror objects, ghosts with unknown identity, gameplay rich in free puzzles, etc. You must uncover the secret of the case and escape from the hospital. In addition to the exploration and decryption elements, the popular new horror game adds new functions, such as talents, weapons, battles and material resources. You will meet more different types of ghosts in the game, and each ghost has its origin, you can find their identity from the plot of the game. Take the weapon, destroy the threat they pose to you and calm down .

This popular and scary 3D horror game will give you totally different experience of reasoning and adventure. Exquisite art style, well-designed free puzzles and intricate storylines give you a complete view of the game world. Two game works have a close connection, after experiencing the thrilling nights in James’s house, let’s have a look. look at the story that happened before! Show your wisdom and strategy, infer the case based on clues and items in the rooms, find out the secret of the hospital, run away and escape! The thriller begins now!


1. Unlimited Bullets
2. Unlimited Memory Shards
3. Unlimited Alloys
4. Unlimited Parts


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