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Duskwood – Detective Story v1.10.10 (Mod) APK

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Duskwood – Detective Story Mod APK

The game Duskwood – Crime & Investigation Detective Tale opens up an intriguing detective story in front of the player’s eyes, and you can simply access what is going on in the game. Although it is simple to play, players will sometimes be faced with a range of circumstances, including a variety of games. At the same time, many things will appear in front of you over time, and you will determine how to proceed.


Players will be guided through detective scenarios and spend time immersed in the weird events taking place in this game. At the same time, more information will appear before your eyes in Duskwood, much like texting with friends. This is the point that you will need to understand as you progress through the events of the game. The user interface of the game is comparable to the text messages you send on a daily basis.

You will be taken to a chat room at the start of the game, where many characters will gradually arrive and you can chat with them as if you were texting. These message lines, on the other hand, are an important consideration when giving information about the missing character. The only phone number recovered was yours, which was a strange object left behind and which led to you.

Duskwood’s plot revolves around Hannah, a missing character who’s been missing for over 24 hours, and everything points to you. As a result, you were placed in a group chat with the others to uncover the mystery of Hannah’s absence. Additionally, there will be several variables that will make you think twice while playing this game, as it all depends on your decision to continue.


You are guided to a storytelling game in which you will travel through stories given in different formats, and these are the message lines that you will get in this game. The realism of the game is determined by your interactions with the characters and components. of their profiles that players can discover. You can click on the avatar symbol of any character that piques your interest.

The profile dialog will open when the player multiplies into the avatar icon and the character image will be seen. At the same time, some characters have additional knowledge that you can study to access relevant information. Once you learn everything there is to know about the characters, the story of the game begins to develop and you will be a part of it.

The feature of the narrative genre directs players to the stories it contains in a certain order. Players will make decisions based on the options provided by the game. The choices within the game, in particular, allow you to capture the chat response. To put it another way, you’ll select the answer that makes sense to you to continue in the game, and there won’t be any components that warn you of what’s to come.


After completing Duskwood at a certain level, you will need to engage in a minigame under the Cloud tab to continue the game’s plot. There are cubes, and the layers below can be seen. Simultaneously, you have to complete a certain level until the algorithm indicates that you can continue to discover the plot of the game. Each level presents the player with unique difficulties.

A match-three game has very basic rules that anyone can understand. To get the necessary number on each level, you need to group at least three items of the same shade. At the same time, the objective of each game will change and become more and more complicated. As a result, you have to complete the level in a set number of moves to advance to the next level or experience the game’s narrative.


In Duskwood, once you have completed a number of match-three levels, you can either continue with match-three level or continue the game’s plot. Once the difficult information has passed before the eyes of the player, you can observe the puzzle game screen as a way to release stress. At the same time, when new newsgroups appear before your eyes and the volume of information


  • Premium, Free Shopping

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