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Dream Hospital – Health Care Manager Simulator v2.2.23 (Mod) Apk

Join the board of directors of the city’s multidisciplinary hospital and become a hospital tycoon! Welcome to the new health care manager of this hospital simulator: YOU! Manage our hospital staff. Become the star doctor of this clinic!

Our doors are always open. Any clinic emergency room should be ready for anything – this is a real hospital simulation game! Hire the best medical staff and manage the finances of the health services. Provide life-saving care, invest in complex medical equipment, and manage business issues and health compliance to ensure the quality of your hospital service. This is a real medical management simulation – your decisions will affect the entire healthcare system!

Dream Hospital allows you to:

– Build real treatment, diagnostic and emergency rooms
– Research drugs, new treatments and technologies
– Choose furniture, accessories and paintings and beautify your clinic
– Find various remedies
– Forge a good reputation by planning your strategy and caring for your patients with the best staff and the best medical equipment
– Heal all illnesses and injuries in the operating room
– Compete with other hospitals in the city, participate in multiplayer events and win great prizes
– Send your fleet of ambulances to treat more people. Even use a helicopter for VIP patients!


Build medical treatment rooms. Select doctors and nurses carefully to provide patients with the best treatments and medications. Manage the handymen to keep the establishment clean. Make tough decisions, choose treatment options, find cures.


Design your health center with a strategy to expand it and make it the best hospital ever! Take on the role of a real manager. Think that this is not a game but that you have a real problem with management and hospital staff. Hire the best staff, get drugs and the best medical equipment to effectively treat patient pain. Treat patients for bacterial and viral infections, heal wounds, high fever, or research new heart medications. Personalize your hospital with different paintings, furniture and decorations!


Develop state-of-the-art medical instruments, x-rays and emergency rooms to provide patients with a complete medical facility. Choose the best staff – only the best doctors and nurses work in your clinic. Offer your patients maximum comfort and perfect service.
Send your ambulance for emergencies, bring special patients to your hospital. Run the diagnostic tests, let the specialist perform a complex operation, and the nurse heal the patient with medication. Caring and healing is what matters most!

This hospital themed business simulation management game lets you compete with other players in your city. Become the best in this hospital simulation! Plan your strategy and earn the highest reputation as a manager by building the most efficient, beautiful and enjoyable health center in town!


Free purchase
Unlimited Diamond
Unlimited Money

+ unconditional use of gold coins and diamonds to shop even if the gold coins and diamonds are negative


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