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DRAGON QUEST VIII, the hit game that has sold 4.9 million copies worldwide, is finally coming to Android!
This opus was the first in the saga to feature 3D graphics, shaping a world of breathtaking beauty that defies the imagination! Embark on an unforgettable journey alongside Yangus, the robber with a heart of gold, Jessica, a magician from a good family, and Angelo, knight and don Juan, to serve you!

Discover a world teeming with magic, sword fighting, and monsters, all in one package!
Download the game once and there is nothing else to buy or download.
So get ready to experience the epic DRAGON QUEST VIII from start to finish … and beyond!

* The game is available in English and French only.


Long ago, the sages fashioned a magical scepter and endowed it with extraordinary powers. For years, he remained inactive, until one day a wicked wizard kissed the seal that protected the scepter, unleashing a terrible curse on the realm. Time stood still, and the king’s subjects fell into a deep sleep … except for a young soldier, about to embark on an adventure he will never forget …

Game features

– Simple and easy-to-use controls
The controls have been reworked for flawless maneuverability on modern touch screens. The position of the directional arrows can be easily changed, allowing players to switch from one-handed to two-handed mode by tapping on the screen.
The combat system has also been redesigned, allowing you to launch into combat with a simple tap, while retaining the possibility of using a more complex system.

– Skill points

Skill points will be allocated when your character levels up. These points can be distributed among the five skills in any way to learn new spells and abilities.
This system allows you to shape your team as you see fit.

– Recruit monsters

You can recruit certain monsters that will cross your path to form a shock team that will fight in the monster arena, or may even assist you in combat – but be careful, they will have to be defeated first!

MOD: Unlimited Money

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