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Dragon Quest VI v1.1.0 (Full Version) APK

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, the latest game in the Zenithia trilogy, is now available on mobile!
Experience an epic adventure set in two parallel worlds!
Help the heroes recover their memories and bring the two worlds together!

Download the game once and there is nothing else to buy or download!

◆ Prologue

A young guy from the isolated village of Pic des Tisseurs lives a peaceful existence with his little sister. But everything changes when the spirit of the mountain appears before him and prophesies that only our hero can save the world from Darkness. So he goes on a great adventure to discover the truth of this world and the phantom kingdom …
This multi-world saga is now playable in the palm of your hands!

◆ Game features

・ Team up with a motley group of adventurers!

Gather a team of loyal friends as you travel across the two realms. From traveling warriors to amnesiac teenagers, a large group of characters will join you on your adventures and help you solve the mysteries of your nebulous world!

・ Education by Vocation

As you progress through the game, the hero and his team will gain access to the Abbey of Vocations, where they can choose from over sixteen vocations. Improve your vocation of choice and learn a multitude of special spells and skills. Once you have mastered a skill, you can use it even if you change your vocation!

・ Talk freely with your team members at any time!

You can speak freely with the entire group of colorful characters that you have encountered on your adventure. So don’t hesitate to ask them for advice and chat with them when you feel like it!

・ 360 degree view

Rotate your point of view in towns and villages 360 degrees so you don’t miss a thing!

・ AI battles

Tired of giving orders? Your loyal companions can learn to fight automatically! Use all the tactics at your disposal to easily defeat even the toughest enemies!

・ The Gluodrome

Unlike previous titles, where monsters could only be recruited during battles, Dragon Quest VI lets you form an army of tasty little gooey from around the world. Once you’ve invited a slimy friend or two, head to the Gluodrome and test them in a series of fights. Every victorious gooey will get absolutely glutastic prizes! Train your gooey and become the champion!

・ Sticky curling

This gooey-dragging mini-game was introduced in the Nintendo DS version and is making a comeback here! Sweep the ice in front of your slimy slider and guide him through an obstacle course. Perfect your curling technique, and get a clean score!

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