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DRAGON QUEST III v1.0.8 (Full Version) APK

DRAGON QUEST III: The Seeds of Salvation— One of the franchise’s best-loved and best-selling games is finally available in mobile format! The entirety of Erdrick’s trilogy is now available at your fingertips!

Every wonderful weapon, spectacular spell and formidable opponent of this rich world, teeming with elements of fantasy, awaits you in one unique package. Download the entire game in one go, with no additional items to purchase or download!
DRAGON QUEST III: The Seeds of Salvation features an independent story that you can easily enjoy without playing DRAGON QUEST I or DRAGON QUEST II first.
※ Game available in English only

◆ Prologue

On the morning of his sixteenth birthday, the child of Ortega, hero of the kingdom of Aliahan, is entrusted by the King himself with an almost impossible task: to eliminate Baramos, master of darkness! What trials await our brave hero that even his father, a legendary adventurer, could not accomplish?

◆ Game features

・ Team customization system.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure, with up to 4 down-to-the-minute customizable companions at Patty’s Party Planning Place! Choose the name, gender, and job of each adventurer to create the team of your dreams!

・ Changeable vocations

Assign up to 9 vocations to team members, a choice that will determine their stats, gear, spells, and skills.
Although the hero’s destiny is already mapped out, you can modify the jobs of all the other characters as you see fit.
Characters whose jobs you modify will return to level 1 and have their attributes halved, but they will retain the spells and skills they have learned, allowing for extreme customization of your team to suit your needs.
Transform a Priest into a Warrior by adding healing skills to your swashbuckling arsenal, or whatever you like! The possibilities are limitless !

・ Experience a sensational RPG, featuring over 30 hours of playtime, with features added to the original version!

Explore a multitude of continents and dungeons, evolve your characters, and unlock spells and skills. The personality system modifies the growth of your character, which makes your team absolutely unique. Discover and explore bonus dungeons and locations after completing the main story.

・ Simple and intuitive controls

The controls have been reworked to ensure optimal compatibility of the game on mobile devices. Additionally, you can now move the directional key to enable one or two hand playability.

・ Come experience the famous RPG favorite of millions of fans in Japan and around the world! Immerse yourself in a game shaped by a legendary trio: the great

Yuji Horii in creation, the visionary Koichi Sugiyama in the musical orchestration, accompanied by the famous manga artist Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball), behind the exceptional visuals of the game .

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