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Drag Battle 2 Race Wars v0.99.61 (Mod) APK

If you liked playing toy cars, this game will teach you real speed! In Drag Battle 2: Race Wars, only you decide what your sports car should be. No more restrictions on engine type, superchargers and racing parts. No fuel restrictions. Your garage, your rules, your rebellious races!

A multitude of options

Choose any model from the huge collection of cars and create a real racing monster. Whether it’s an old classic or a modern hypercar. Fill your garage.

Under the hood

Discover your talent as an advanced dragster tuner and mechanic. Absolutely everything can be adjusted in the car for a successful race. From tire pressure to suspension height, NO2 injection, engine type and transmission. You will immediately feel the change in the game.

Pumping system for vehicles

When you win a dragster battle, you receive a box that can contain money, boosters, and coin cards. Keep raising the stakes: increase your coin levels and upgrade your league for epic rewards.

Speed ​​and afterburner

Don’t forget to activate turbo mode to keep your rival behind. Use spare parts as much as possible. After all, it’s not drifting, and all you have in the game is a quarter mile distance and the nitro button!

Epic personal settings

For connoisseurs of beautiful things, we have prepared professional tunings and numerous style elements that will allow you to make your automobile unique and inimitable. Plenty of coloring options, realistic physics and the level of graphics will not let you get bored in the game. Glossy paint that reflects the asphalt of the track, or matte paint for an intimidating look of a sports car – It’s up to you.

Real-Time Street Racing

Compete against real players from around the world online in our absolutely free drag racing simulator. Put your name in the hall of honor of the best pilots and mechanics on the planet. Place your sports car on the podium. After the race you can see the rival’s car, and how he pumped it. So upgrade yours and make it faster to win the online race in car battle.

New modes and circuits

Fascinating online championships with a variety of rules, all kinds of game activities, simulation tracks and tasks will immerse you in the world of drag racing.

Clan functions and online tuning club

Join clans, look at other players’ cars, request spare parts, unique maps, and discuss the best way to tune your suspension or transmission. Do you trust yourself? So create your own clan of outlaws.

Constant improvements

We are improving the game every day. If you have any suggestions on what to improve or what parts to introduce, or if you want a monster truck or drift mode, let us know.

Does forbidden speed get your adrenaline pumping during street racing? Does the asphalt melt from burning tires? So grab your best car and win the challenge. We are sure that you have never seen such car simulation games before. Stunning realistic graphics and new experiences await. There are many drag racing games in the world but Drag Battle is the only one among them.

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