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Dinosaur Hunt – Shooting v7.6 (Mod Apk)

Join Dinosaur Hunt – Shooting Games to kill dinosaurs in lush and dangerous environments. Dynamic shadows, high resolution textures and lifelike models combine to make this one of the most beautiful games on your mobile device! After the first shot, the dinosaurs become alert and start sniffing to find out where the bullets are coming from. Explore sniper mode and assault mode where you can move and attack from anywhere.

Hunt down all kinds of different dinosaurs in various environments. Sometimes they can attack you back, so always be vigilant. Develop a steady hand, align your sights, and master the skills to take the perfect shot. Dinosaurs are the deadliest creatures on earth. They can also attack you without any warning. Make your kills with precision and complete them all for even greater rewards! So don’t hold back, grip your gun firmly, aim perfectly, test your sniper skills as a real dino hunting expert and don’t let them escape.

Dinosaur Hunt – Features of shooting games:

– Several optimized assault guns and snipers.
– Series of immersive and unique shooting challenges.
– Exciting missions of dino hunters and different dino models.
– Intuitive and easy precision shooting controls.
– Sniper zoom in and zoom out fully integrated.
– Ultimate crazy safari combat battle.
– Smooth controls, stunning user interface and background music.
– Amazing ball animations on every shoot.
– Hardcore action killer adventure.
– 3D dinosaurs, from herbivores to deadly carnivores.

Install “Dinosaur Hunt – Shooting Games” Now you are waiting for an amazing shooting adventure.



Unlocked Full Version
All levels and missions are available
Unlimited Money.


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