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Day R Survival Premium v1.724 (Mod) Apk

Try to survive in the world destroyed by nuclear war! Radiation, hunger and disease are everywhere. You have to cross the whole country to find your family. Are they alive? Or maybe they have become the victims of radiation and the dangerous virus? Solve an apocalypse mystery that happened, and find your memories lost during the journey through the immense territory of the USSR of the 80s.

It’s hard to survive after the apocalypse. A real hunger game awaits you here! Monsters, thirst, disease and trauma, evil enemies – all of this is to be fought. We can use whatever resources we find.

You will have:

– Hardcore survival:
Hunger, radiation, thirst, trauma, disease will never let you relax.

– The living world:
The change of seasons, monsters, zombies, the huge USSR map with over 2700 unique cities. Hunt animals, but be careful: even rats can seriously injure you!

– Huge possibilities:
Hundreds of creative blueprints, lots of gear variations.

– People and stories:
Dozens of instructions, the allies-specialists. The open world.

– Skills:
Mechanics, chemistry etc.

– Cooperative:
Play online with the cat, send packages and fight together! Survival in multiplayer mode.

Survival in post-nuclear USSR: beat hunger, disease and enemies! Online too!

Explore abandoned houses and shelters. Find weapons and build the transport using the available materials. Remember all the chemistry and physics lessons! This is the most realistic survival game!


1) Creation system: find resources, useful items or weapons and build your own means of survival!
2) Hardcore survival simulator;
3) The journey through the map in multiplayer mode;
4) Choose the difficulty: the sandbox, real life or online.

Unlimited Money (Free Purchase) (Craft Error? Skip Tutorial)


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