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Darkrise – Pixel Classic Action RPG v0.9.12 (Mod) APK

Darkrise is a classic hardcore game created by two independent developers in a nostalgic pixel style.

In this action RPG game, you can get acquainted with 3 characters – Alice, Godric and Kira. Each of them has unique skills, game mechanics, and features.

The homeland of the game’s heroes has been overrun by undead creatures and demons. Now they must get stronger and cleanse the land of invaders.

There are 20 locations to play on and 6 difficulties. Enemies will spawn in front of you or spawn from portals that will randomly spawn in place every few seconds. All enemies are different and have their unique characteristics. Faulty enemies can sometimes spawn, they have random stats, and you can’t predict their powers. That’s why playing Darkrise is never boring.

The combat system is quite juicy: camera shakes, strike flashes, health drop animation, flight drop from all sides. Your character and enemies are fast, you always have to move if you don’t want to lose.

There are many possibilities to make your character stronger. There are 8 types and 6 rarities of equipment. You can create slots in your armor and place gems in them, as well as combine multiple gems of the same type to get an update. The city blacksmith will be delighted to enchant and reforge your armor which will make it even better.


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