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Cop Duty Police Car Simulator v1.75 (MOD) APK

Take to city streets as busy policeman and protect civilians from criminals, thieves and dangerous drivers in one of the best first person police car driving simulator games. Honor your cop duty as a policeman and take on risky missions to stop criminals and help clean up the city of crime. Answer the call on your police radio to pursue crimes in this intense police action game!

!! Cop Duty Police Car Simulator is a new open world driving simulator !!

Drive real police cars through huge open city world filled with miles of road to travel. Leave your car at any time and explore the city and surrounding countryside on foot in the exciting open world action game.

Get straight into the cop action and take part in unique gameplay missions such as vehicle teardowns, hostage takings, vehicle escorts, drug busts, and more. The all new, exciting police crime fighting action you have been looking for is now ready!

Example of missions:

– Help victims in hostage situations
– Purge and arrest criminal drivers
– Face off against dangerous crime hideouts
– Protect and escort V.I.P vehicles
– Stop and stop all gangsters with police SUVs and other cop cars
– Drive fast to stop running away from criminals

Upgrade and unlock a whole arsenal of weapons as well as your own police vehicle from a wide selection of city cars, off-road 4×4 trucks and fast-moving police car interceptors. Face off against criminal thieves with Desert Eagles, M16s, hand grenades, mini pistols and more to try !!

Get into the police car driving action anytime with police radio alerts, accept the call and head to the crime scene and witness the real cop action. If that doesn’t sound like you, decline the call and explore the city’s open world in your police car or on foot. Do whatever it takes to be one of the best cops!


– A huge open world, filled with great open roads, mountains and more!
– Realistic driving simulator
– Realistic and physical handling of the game in the first person
– Damage to realistic vehicles
– High quality police vehicles and weapons
– Unlimited mission objectives, non-stop action !!
– Dynamic camera angles
– Easy to play driving controls, use touch, wheel and tilt controls!

Pay attention to your health and the stability of your car, so be sure to research garages and hospitals around town for car repairs and improving player health to keep you going longer in the city. ‘exercise of your functions.

Get into the action without interruption in the latest police driving game as it brings you closer to realistic police duty. Massive open world for the best police car driving simulator game experience! Drive, drift, smash, chase and stop criminals in a huge detailed open city!

The most realistic and action-packed police driving game you have ever experienced, Cop Duty Police Car Simulator!

Gamepickle Studios has developed games for the whole family that will appeal to everyone, regardless of their age. We aim to promote responsible social values ​​and healthy habits in a safe and controlled environment.


All cars are unlocked;
In the store – Rewards you can get all possible daily rewards by clicking on the Claim reward button now! in the Free daily rewards section ;
After receiving the daily reward, you will receive endless money.

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