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Color Hop 3D – Music Game v2.9.2 (MOD) APK

Color Hop 3D combines one-finger control gameplay with carefully curated EDM songs to create an experience you’ve never seen before. The key is not to let your ball jump on the wrong colored tiles. Listen to the rhythm and the melody, and afterwards, you will find yourself loving this musical game.

Go! Test your reflexes and jumping skills! See the surprises and wonders that each level has in store for you. Color Hop 3D is a ball game that allows the ball to jump on the tiles until the end of the color road. This free game will create a whole new experience for fans of ball games.

Rule of the game:

Slide the screen to jump balls on the color of the tile, jump on it, control carefully and enjoy the rhythm! Keep calm and go as far as possible in this ball game! Color Hop 3D is the Amanotes ball game that makes you want to play all the time.

Game features:

1. Fantastic EDM songs
2. Pulsating rhythms
3. Easy one-finger control
4. Updates to the latest EDM songs
5. Music game + color tiles + free = awesome

How to master your ball skills:

1. Jump the ball as far as possible on the color road
2. Listen to the beat, use your amazing reflexes, jump your ball on tiles
3. Keep up with your pace and you never miss a jump from your bouncing ball
4. Challenge your friends to see who is the 3D master of Color Hop

Special tip:
It’s a ball game so … Notice the correct color of the tile and don’t hesitate to drag the ball strongly. Free EDM songs are waiting for you!

Do you have any problems? Send an email to support@amanotes.com

About Us:
Color Hop 3D is from Amanotes, the world’s leading music game publisher, with over a billion downloads. Music lovers can interact with thousands of songs through our different apps. Why just listen to music, if you can play with it too? At Amanotes, we believe that “everyone can make music!”.



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