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Car Simulator OG v2.61 (Unlimited Money) APK

Drive a car in first person as if you are really behind the wheel. Explore the city aboard your racing car with your friends! Play while facing the challenges of driving.

Walk around the city. You might find something interesting there.
Enjoy a 360-degree view from the cabin. You will meet acolytes who will unite with you as the game progresses.
Organize races where you set the rules! Turn on the radio and go !!!!

The game features online “racing” missions (in multiplayer mode) where you can compete against real players, beat them and earn more money.

Our advices :

1. Do not press on the mushroom. Drive carefully to avoid having an accident or damaging your vehicle.
2. Watch out for the traffic police. If you go too fast, you risk getting a fine.
3. Follow our interactive directions.
4. Remember to fill up with gas at the gas station.
5. If it costs you less than a fine, slip a small bill to the police officer.
6. For your safety, keep the doors of your vehicle closed when driving.

Note: The controls for controlling the car are in the center of the screen. The controls relating to the side areas of the car are initially inactive.
To activate the interactive controls relating to the rest of the game, you must first drag the controls that interest you to the center of the screen in 360 ° mode. To then confirm your selection, just press it.

Game Features:

– An interactive and addicting game, offering endless gameplay.
– New bonuses every day.
– A first-person view game mode.
– Car models with great attention to detail.
– Tons of interactive elements inside the cabin.
– Endless possibilities for customizing your vehicle.
– An interesting map of the city and its surroundings.
– An interactive gas station.
– Thrilling missions in arcade and investigation mode.
– Additional missions in multiplayer mode.

Extra bonus!

You have 6 additional cars. However, the battery of one of them needs to be recharged. You need to find a battery for the second,
while a wheel is missing on the third …. If you manage to repair them, they are yours !!!

Trick !

There are 3 ways to acquire new cars: for free, with a discount, or by buying the car directly from the showroom.


Police car.

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