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Captain Tsubasa ZERO v2.3.10 (MOD) APK

The new Captain Tsubasa animated series is now available in game for mobiles!
This exciting soccer game will allow you to relive the epic of the cartoon Olive and Tom!


Play realistic soccer game simulations with the iconic cartoon special moves!

Fantastic strike

Hit the Fantastic Strike button during a match to unleash a devastating Fantastic Strike! By combining thoughtful dribbling and passing, Fantastic Strike creates powerful combos!

Various special moves

The colorful characters with their exclusive special moves from the cartoon have been faithfully recreated in-game! Use a variety of techniques to tip the game in your favor!

Extensive character and team development

Evolve all your players to the highest level of rarity! The game allows you to turn your favorite players into real football stars!

Endless customization options

Edit the uniforms and roster of your team by developing your favorite players to create a team that looks like you!

Voices and cartoon characters!

From Tsubasa to Wakabayashi to the indomitable Kojiro Hyuga, your favorite cartoon characters have been included in the game with the same voice actors as in the original Japanese version!

New original characters!

The game also has many original characters! Take advantage of different side stories parallel to the main scenario!

Relive the world of anime!

The vibe and aesthetic of the anime has been replicated in this must-have game for fans of the anime as well as those new to it!

About Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa presents the story of Tubasa Ozora, a young football prodigy who just arrived at Nankatsu Elementary School, and his progress as a soccer player through matches against rivals such as Genzo Wakabayashi and Kojiro Hyuga .
Thanks to its different story, unique characters and many crazy techniques that all readers have sought to emulate, the manga quickly gained popularity, making Captain Tsubasa a huge success around the world.

Required configuration

Android 4.4 or higher (2 GB RAM or higher recommended)


2. Weak Enemies || Enemies have low stats
3. High Player Stats || Your team has high stats

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