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Braveland Heroes v1.61.8 (Unlimited Money) APK

The Scepter of the Royal Family has been cowardly stolen from the throne room itself. The Kings assembled the best heroes and promised whatever reward they choose to whoever brings back the legendary relic. Driven by excitement, you enthusiastically embark on this dangerous quest. Use your tactical skills and the power of magic. Lead your legions of brave fighters, face bosses, and triumph against other players!

As the adventure progresses, the best fighters will join your army:

archers, monks, knights, skeletons, beasts and more. Your route begins in a small, unassuming village, but more than once it will take you to fascinating places all over Braveland. You’ll climb high mountains, deep into wild jungles, explore palm-covered islands, meet orcs, ghosts and even mysterious nomads.

Special features of the game:

– A free mode of adventures and captivating duels against other players
– A completely hand-drawn game environment
– Creation and improvement of weapons and ammunition
– A wide range of unique battles with multiple twists and turns
– Dungeons offering random battles and valuable rewards
– Tons of epic artifacts
– 7 unique schools of combat magic
– 3 famous heroes from the start of the game: A Warrior, a Magician and a Cunning Pirate
– Each hero belongs to a unique school of pure combat magic capable of turning the tide of battle
– And of course, the stars of the evening: the most treacherous bosses

You too, embark on the adventures of Braveland, the game that brings together thousands of players every day! Create and improve your hero. Immerse yourself in a world of fierce battles between players. Enjoy stunning graphic effects supported by captivating music. Use your magical skills and the strength of the sword to rule the world of Braveland Heroes!

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