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Back to Bed v2.0.0 (Paid) APK + Data

Back to Bed is a 3D puzzle set in a unique and artistic spooky world, in which you guide Bob, the sleepwalker, to his bed safe and sound. To get there, you need to take control of Bob’s subconscious guardian called Subob. The duo travel through an unreal, spooky, painting-like world filled with objects used to guide Bob to his bed, but also dangers to avoid!

No ads and no in-app purchases.


“The line between art and play is blurry. If you fancy being stuck between multiple worlds, this is the game to get you started.” – Touch Arcade

“Back to Bed manages to be both predictable and surprising, peaceful and upbeat, frightening and reassuring – like masterpieces of surrealist art.” – Killscreen

“Back to bed is what you will get if you let Dali, Escher and Magritte develop a game.” – PowerUpGaming.co.uk

“You don’t always have to trust what you see, and the moments that involve these ploys are the best Back to Bed has to offer. It’s impressive and a real delight. ” – Twinfinite


Awards & nominations:

– Winner of the IGF Student Showcase 2013

– Dutch Game Awards 2012: Guts & Glory Award

– Unity Awards 2012: Best student project – Nominated

– Nordic Game Indie Night 2012: Finalist

– Casual Connect Europe 2014: Best console – No



• A surreal and artistic world of play: a strange but beautiful dream world, which combines elements of the real world and the dream world to create something unique, surreal and sometimes even a little spooky.

• Isometric levels: Navigate through 3D physics-defying puzzles, where the player must manipulate the strange environment to create a safe path for Bob and avoid all dangers.

•Two characters in one: Become the subconscious personified as a tiny guardian creature trying to save its sleepwalking body from the dangers of the dream world.

• Picturesque visual style: Experience the feeling of playing within a work of art placed in a digital frame. A visual style inspired by hand painting techniques, surrealist art and impossible shapes.

• Nightmare Mode: Unlock a more difficult version of the game, created for those who really want to test their puzzle-solving skills and like to see further or who are just too stubborn to give up.

•MFI controller supported

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