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zTranslate – Translate Videos Subtitle v1.34 Ad-Free APK

If you want to watch a movie but it doesn’t have subtitles available for your language? Don’t worry, because zTranslate APK will be the best solution for you.
This app will use the original subtitles of the video and then translate it to different languages ​​and support over 110 languages.

* Watch videos with subtitles in your language
Choose a video with subtitles and translate it into the language of your choice.

* Compare subtitles for learning foreign languages
Simultaneous display of original subtitle and translated subtitle, so learners can compare 2 sentences.

* Search dictionary
You can immediately search the dictionary by tapping on the word.

* The shading technique
Shading is a language learning technique where you repeat an audio right after hearing it. You act like an “echo” or a “shadow” (hence the name “shading”). You listen to the words and then repeat them out loud. Shadow helps you develop all physical aspects of fluidity. like pronunciation, prosody and rhythm of English. It looks like this:
1. Find a video that interests you
2. Listen to the audio of the video first
3. Shade the audio with a transcript
4. Shadow without transcription

Full screen mode support
Favorite video
Bookmark videos and watch them later

How to use :
Open the app and select the video you want to watch.
You can enter keywords to search for videos, note that only videos with subtitles will be displayed.

To note:
This app only translates from the existing subtitles of the video, because not all videos have subtitles, so some videos cannot be translated.
This application requires a login to be able to authenticate access to the database, we do not store any other user information except the login email.


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