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ZLWhatsApp v16 Latest Version (Anti-Ban) APK

WhatsApp Earthquake is the best WhatsApp at the moment because there are many advanced services and features available in it that new features are added every period and as per the desire of the users.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Al-Zikla Plus is against temporary bans and bans and is fast and easy to use.It was developed to easily accept and register more than ten WhatsApp account numbers in the same application instead of using and installing more than one copy of WhatsApp on your phone.

This is to provide additional space on the phone and the user can switch between each account by pressing a button, like the one in Telegram. Each number is independent of the other numeric accounts.

Characteristics of the WhatsApp earthquake

🔹 The ability to view photos and videos to an unlimited number of people.
🔹 The function to change the sounds within the WhatsApp update (there are several different voices that you can use at your convenience).
🔹 Register more than one number in the same WhatsApp to provide additional storage space on your Android smartphone.
🔹 The function of sending a message to all groups and chats (one message to more than five chats).
🔹 Simultaneous translation functionality (Translator of all languages ​​within your conversations for inbound and outbound messages).
🔹 The function of sending multimedia files {images, videos, audio, documents} and deleting after the recipient has watched it once and it will be deleted  automatically (you can activate or deactivate this function).
🔹 By setting the automatic reply to messages, you can set the way to reply to any message received on your WhatsApp number in the way you prefer.
🔹 Audio and video recordings on WhatsApp Earthquake have been improved.
🔹 You can enable media download or stop downloading in any chat you want.
🔹 You forget that the colors are organized and uniform and you can change the color you like.
🔹 The ability to copy a specific part of the message text to be copied by selecting the message you want to copy from, then click the options and choose (Copy  part of the text).
🔹 Color features of multiple cases in the color of the case and many different fonts and styles equipped for stories.
🔹 There are many, many benefits and additions, get to know them for yourself.

Note: Watts Earthquake mission lasts more than 4 four months without end


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