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Yandex Weather v22.3.1 (Ad-Free) APK

The app shows the weather for the next 10 days and gives hourly forecasts for the chosen location.

* View local weather forecast and temperature of your current location and check the weather of your favorite places.
-Use gestures to get more local weather information: swipe up on the main screen to see the daily forecast, swipe right to see hourly air temperature changes, and swipe left to see wind speed, humidity and atmospheric pressure conditions.
* The app offers home screen and notification panel widgets to help you quickly find what you need in Yandex or check the outside temperature. You can change the appearance and content of widgets in app settings.
* Share your weather information with Yandex to help us provide you with the most accurate weather forecast.

You will be asked to grant several app permissions on your device before installing Yandex.Weather. Here is what they are used for:

Sync your list of favorite locations on Yandex.Weather with other devices by granting this permission.
Automatically get forecasts for your location by granting this permission.
Wi-Fi connection information
You can get approximate forecast from Yandex.Weather based on your Wi-Fi connection when GPS is not available by granting this permission.
Device ID and call information
You can get the approximate prediction for your location based on the nearest cell tower when GPS is not available by granting this permission.
Yandex.Weather does not collect information about your phone calls.

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