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Wiz Note v8.1.5 (Vip) APK

Weizhi Note is a cloud-based note-taking software, as well as a note-based team collaboration tool.
You can record valuable information anytime, anywhere, and you can view note information anytime, anywhere.
All data can be kept consistent on computers, mobile phones, tablets, and web pages through synchronization.

Using the corporate services of Weizhi Note, teams can achieve efficient communication and collaboration through @ other people, comments, editing and other functions.

1. Weizhi Note, a new way of working
2. Computer, mobile phone, tablet, webpage, sync anytime, anywhere
3. Support multi-level directories and tags, flexible and diverse organization of notes
4. @Save to Weizhi Note, automatically save Weibo content to Weizhi Note
5. Send a message to the Weizhi Note WeChat public account, and automatically save the message to Weizhi Note
6. The content of the notes can be shared to Weibo, blog, email with one click
7. Support markdown rendering, the first in the industry to support markdown editing of notes, allowing you to write beautiful notes.

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