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WiFi Speed Test Pro v5.2.0 (Full Paid) APK

Wifi Speed ​​Test app is a wifi speedometer and local area network (LAN). The best speed test for your Ethernet network!

Pro Features:

💎Free ad
🎲iperf support
⚔You can activate the zoom in / out on the graph (visualization)
🌍You can change the default period in the graph to see more data

Main Features:

– Test the speed of wireless and wired networks
– Test the download speed
– Automatically save past results of Wi-Fi speed test including download and upload speed, ping, signal strength, network name, IP address
– Display of IP address, network information, latency, signal strength, channel information
– Easy sharing of speed test results
– Test the speed of Windows sharing (SMB, Samba)
– Test the speed of the FTP server
– The test can be performed via TCP or UDP
– internet speed test
– Support and support for access points
– Easy sharing of test results

If you want to test the speed of the network between two devices, you need a second phone or computer to be able to use it as a server!
You can download the server application (wifi_speed_test.exe / py) on your computer from here: https://bitbucket.org/pzolee/tcpserver/downloads

Important: This is not an Internet speed test app! (However, you can also test the speed of the Internet, but this is optional)
This application will measure the speed of your local network,
Live internet connection is not required.

Useful links:

Server application for computers: https://bitbucket.org/pzolee/tcpserver/downloads/
Documentation: http://pzoleeblogen.wordpress.com/2013/11/26/wifi-speed-test-for-android-how-to

Online demo on use: http://pzoleeblogen.wordpress.com/2014/03/09/wifi-speed-test-for-android-live-demo

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