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White Noise for sleep & relax v2.0.0 Paid APK

Do you have difficulty concentrating at work or study, or do you have difficulty falling asleep? White Noise for Sleep and Relax is created just for you.

What is white noise and how can white noise help you concentrate at work or fall asleep easily¿
White noise is sound that is a mixture of different noises at different frequency levels. Different noises at different frequency levels which can drown out your real surrounding noises. When you listen to White Noise, your brain understands that it can only listen to one noise and cannot recognize other surrounding noises.

Application functions:
* Play mixed white noise
White noise for sleeping and relaxing can play white noise by selecting and mixing certain sounds including: rain, storm, wind, forest with birds, water vapor, seaside, fireplace, summer night. This app also helps you to adjust the volume of some sounds

* Record white noise to relax
After creating your favorite White Noise, you can save it as a Relax Combo and replay it at any time.

* Configuration with timer
This app helps you to setup play time and auto shut off time as you want.

* Dark mode
You can choose the dark theme or the light theme as you want. Both modes are very beautiful.

* Custom theme colors
White Noise for sleep & relax has five different colors for the theme. You can choose the style you like.

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